after the sweat test, i thought waiting for the results would be torturous.

the very next morning, the pediatrician is back on the phone;

“yes, the results are back from the sweat test. we have an appointment for you with the pediatric pulmonologist at the hospital at 3pm…”

okay. this seems serious. (like it hasn’t already) if it was good news, why couldn’t they just say the results over the phone?

my husband and i head over to meet with the pediatric pulmonogy dr. at 3 pm — because that’s what you do when you’re told your newborn baby’s test results are available regardless of previous plans.

we meet dr. m, who, is amazing. i just love him. if i have to see a dr. for my sweet baby girl’s health regarding a chronic life threatening disease, he’s the one that i would want it to be.

he’s the type of person you just want to hug at the end of the day.

he sits down with us, face to face, and asks us what we know. (how did he know i totally googled cf?!) *which he did say the only place to be referencing CF is the actual CFF.ORG website

he spent close to two hours with us.

at this point in time, we don’t have a diagnosis…the sweat test results are inconclusive.

< 20 you do not have CF.

> 60 you do have CF.

baby girl is at 38 which requires further testing.

another sweat test gets scheduled in a few weeks; hoping for more definitive results.

the uncertainty continues…

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