for insurance reasons, 

we couldn’t get the genetic blood test without going through the torture process of the two sweat tests.

and once we finally had the blood work drawn, it took an additional 4 weeks for the results to process. 

when we received the call from Dr. M, i kind of had a feeling it wasn’t great news. 

of course, right away, we schedule our appointment, to come in and discuss results, for the very next day. 

heading into the pediatric pulmonologist’s office that early friday morning the end of july, C and i were actually okay.

Dr. M had many papers for us, and diagrams drawn with the genetic square — goodness how i wished i paid more attention in high school biology! 


50% if the…25% for the…


atypical cystic fibrosis


what in the world does this all mean?!?

our takeaway was, simply, she has these CF genes, but she’s thriving and she needs no interventions at this time and could possibly never need interventions. 

this was very good news to hear. 

C and i left the office feeling pretty well about things. some of that heaviness and that tension was released from our chests. 

i even left the appointment and immediately did a skincare/makeup party. (yeah i do that, too : ) 

there was only a small nag in the back of my head. 

…just a small one.

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