now, i’ll certainly say,

i’ve been more of the, some would call it, “pessimist,” throughout this whole roller coaster of emotions, yet i like to call myself a, “realist.”  

C, my mom and the rest of the family have all been optimistic. prayers have been said, sentiments of not to worry were told to us and so on…

while i was happy to hear she wasn’t showing any signs of this illness, i just couldn’t shake this feeling from somewhere deep inside.  

i would try to explain where i was coming from and i would be met with, “stop worrying, she’s perfect,” “you have to remain positive.” now, these are all things i would say to someone else.  i needed to hear these things, because i wasn’t staying positive…

but, it’s science1

she has two gene mutations.


if she had one gene, she would just be a carrier.

she has TWO

one from C.

one from me.

C and i are carriers. 

maybe we should’ve gone through genetic screening back when we first met?


back when we hadn’t even started dating yet. i continuously said he was “annoying” and gave him the nickname “punk.” (he totally was one! 😉 

but, nope. that wouldn’t have worked. ❤

aaah! young love back in 2005

i wouldn’t have it any other way.

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