after i wrote my last post and saw the words of encouragement from my fellow cf mommas.

i felt humbled. 

sentiments like, 

“you’ve got this!” and “you’re awesome!'”

from the same women, who administer numerous treatments a day for each of their multiple children living with cf — 30 min of the vest (which is a device that literally shakes the person with cf and breaks up the thick mucous) at least twice a day and then nebulizers a couple of times a day — both of these are increased more when there is sickness.

all of this in addition to the enzymes and acid reflux meds — yeah, i didn’t mention how repeatedly using enzymes causes acid reflux. 

oh, and did i ever say where these enzymes are derived from?

pig pancreas. 


science is amazing. 

…and some would say cruel. 

i wonder how many vegans who have cf are out there?  

 *~focus bekah~*

here, they’re telling me how awesome am, whilst i’m administering a few breathing treatments and enzymes, meanwhile they are in the trenches. 

but then i see my poor sweet baby girl arch her back in pain when her belly hurts. 

her little tummy swell and bulge when she becomes constipated. 

no one wants her precious baby to hurt.

no one wants to worry for her child’s future, knowing there is a dis-ease in her little one’s body…how it could all change.

these are our daily challenges. 

and it sucks. 

this disease really messes with you. 

so, to my cf momma friends, you are amazing. 

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