these four words came from my 4-year-old. 

they have been life changing. basic words, but such an impact.

as i have previous journaled, it really hasn’t been easy — the daily struggle to get in her treatments but then there are also the multiple doctor appointments, the pharmacy refills, the phone calls for overdue medical bills, the insurance struggles, dealing with the nuances of the specialty medicine that only can be delivered via UPS since it needs refrigeration and the clearance if you won’t be home to accept the delivery, it seems the list for these CF things are growing. and of course there are the daily struggles tasks of life, as well.

one day, i was reading an article about how children feel, and the potential for them to feel left out, whose other sibling have special needs. 

i asked little c how he feels when we must do baby girl’s vest and other treatments each day. and since there is a lot of crying, from her and me, i figured he would say “sad” or even “angry” because he can’t hear the tv (the vest is so loud,) but he responded,

“i feel happy!” 

i was really surprised at him feeling happy, i was almost upset. was he happy because it’s torturous for his little sister? torturous for me??

i took a deep breath, apprehensive of his response, and i asked him why he felt happiness when we do her vest. his reply:





“because it’s good for her.”


and just like that, a shift happened and things started to change at vest time.
it has gotten a little less traumatic. we even sing a silly song.
we have our routine in the evening,

dinner, bath and “shakey-shake.”

and every time now, you hear one or all of us say, more than once, 

“it’s good for you.”

and she calms down. 

even if it’s just a bit, it is so helpful.

she understands. 

she knows.

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