20 years ago this month, i moved to NYC.

i had big dreams in my heart of performing musical theatre on broadway.

but i was so insecure, comparing myself to the amazing singers and dancers around me that i let that control my emotions and i would freak out at auditions, sounding like a meek, out-of-tune mouse. 😆


i kept working at it, though.


couple steps forward, many backwards, with oceans of no’s, but i’ve kept pounding the pavement…

and now, i am truly blessed to be a working actor and model; while being first and foremost a mother and a wife.

yesterday, i had an opportunity to book a job; all i had to do was show up.

and the dramatic irony was that i couldn’t.

with M’s Cystic Fibrosis she requires multiple treatments a day.

missing them is not an option, so i respectfully declined.

and it




and while i am so angry at this disease our sweet baby girl has, i have never been more empowered to spread awareness and help find a cure for this life shortening illness.

i’ll never stop.


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