definitions and such…

awhile back, a friend of mine used the word “jaunty” to describe one of my photos that I had posted on the good ol’ fb. i had to look up the definition to make sure i was correct in assuming it meant, confident.





adjective: jaunty; comparative adjective: jauntier; superlative adjective: jauntiest

i had to chuckle. on the outside, i’d say that was me, but the inside? i used to be the girl who was the precise opposite of this lovely word. heck, i still am.

when my husband and i were first dating, he used to tell me all the time, 

“fake it until you make it, rockstar.”

to his credit, he still does say this to me, but each time with a growing sense of annoyance…it has been more than 9 years.  : ) 

i must be doing a semi-good job of it, though.

i am not exactly sure what this blog will accomplish, and i’m pretty sure i won’t have that many followers, but those that are here, welcome, and thank you. 

i am a wife, 

a mother to a pre-schooler (Lord help me) as well as a 4 month old. 

i am also a model. 

super part time.

in between trying to balance life, family, household, eating, babysitting, castings, walking in heels and not having the power turned off, (yeah, that happened,) we now have a new challenge to add: hospitals and dealing with this very new and overwhelming diagnosis of cystic fibrosis for our sweet baby girl.

i figure in my spare time, instead of sleeping, i will create and nurture a blog.

my therapy of sorts.

i’m hoping to find humor in the tragedies…which, lets face it, most of these so called tragedies aren’t tragic, but are first world problems… yet, this diagnosis of CF, as of late, is pretty awful in our world.

(and for those that are dealing with the aftermath of a tragedy, keep moving. i salute you and the fact that you opened your eyes today. seriously.)

bottom line, it’s all about perspective. and boy, do i hope to find some…