when the world keeps going but yours has stopped…(part one)

ah, yes.

selfies with besties at the beach. church services back in congregation. your littles in the prettiest mask walking into dance class. the kids training for purple belts at karate. pool friends, with their wet hair hanging in their faces, sharing popsicles on beautiful warm sunny days. pedicures at the newly opened salon and of course, dinner dates, cheering a glass of sparkling wine to be “back together again”

stores are reopening and i just received an email with the subject line:

“life after the pandemic.”

and i see it. it’s clearly happening. society is opening up and her short term memory is being celebrated away with the next hair salon appointment.

life is happening.

except the virus is still very well imminent.

in the beginning of covid-19 when everything was in the “red phase” so many people would say to me, “you must be so anxious, so scared for your daughter” and my reply was always the same,

“actually, no. i’m relieved to see so many people at my level of awareness. being mindful of staying home when not feeling well, washing hands more frequently and fervently.”

i was ok.

i was somewhat relieved.

if anything, i worried something was wrong with me. for being as calm as i was. but i knew in our state, precautions were being taken, almost over the top (don’t worry, there are many people that will say it was too extreme)

and i’m not here to debate politics or the differing views on how to handle this virus. whether it was made in a lab or it’s a conspiracy theory.

what i am here for is to shed a little light on being a parent of a child with a life threatening respiratory illness, in the middle of a life threatening respiratory pandemic.

this is my truth.

and it’s taking its toll…